Cauliflower porridge

Happy holidays ! I have been missing in action for the past two to three weeks . I have exams to write , baby to take care of , family events (weddings ! I love ’em ) .  Now I am back and back with more creative easy recipes . Yes always healthy ! We still #teamfitfam ain’t we ? 😁  Here is a yummy cauliflower porridge for breakfast or dinner ! Enjoy

You need :

1 cauliflower

Milk (almond,coconut or any other healthy options)

1 tablespoon honey

seeds and fruits for garnishing


first start by removing the florets from the stalk. Use as many or as little as you want. It all depends you (how thick or much you want it ) Then you boil it. Don’t over cook as you don’t want to loose the nutrients so boil it for. Like 5 minutes or when you see it’s ready enough to blend.

Drain water from cauliflower if any and allow it to cool . In a blender , add cauliflower , milk and honey or stevia to it.  Blend till it becomes creamy and porridge like .  Add in more milk to get desired texture.

Garnish with seeds and fruits ! Munch on ! image


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